What is Energy Medicine

Basic Energy Medicine Workshop

Legendary healer, Donna Eden, wrote a book called Energy Medicine in 1998 (the latest edition in 2008). She has trained many people since then to be able to test and correct energetic anomalies that she can see with her eyes (a healing gift she has had since birth) and the rest of us have to “see” using muscle testing. This workshop, based on the work of Donna Eden (www.edenenergymedicine.com), will be taught by Geoffrey White EEM-AP who has had an energy medicine practice in  Cranbury since 2008 and in Mt. Laurel since 2015 (www.eastmeetswestclinic.com). In this workshop you will learn Donna’s Daily Energy Routine and the basics of energy testing. You will also learn the basics about the chakra system and how to test for and correct the energies of the chakras. Denise and Marty, both certified EEM practitioners, will be teaching assistants in this workshop. There will be handouts for each student. These workshops are fun, informative, and can be very healing. The workshop is open to everyone and all ages.

Come and learn the basics of energy medicine!!! You will be glad you did! Workshop to be held at Ohana Health and Wellness Center, 1892 Greentree Road, Cherry Hill, NJ.

Information, questions and registration: email at geoffreysenergy@gmail.com or call Geoff at 609.468.1286, Marty at 732.557.1648, or Denise at 609.230.3743

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Energy Medicine