What is Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is the name of a practice derived from the title of Donna Eden’s first book, Energy Medicine, (1999) co-authored with her husband, David Feinstein, PhD. Energy medicine practitioners test, using energy testing (AKA muscle testing, applied kinesiology, etc.), to determine the relative strength and/or balance of a particular energy system or part of a system. The focus of energy medicine is “subtle energy”–so called because it is difficult to see and even measure. Donna has been blessed with a lifelong gift to being able to see subtle energy in fine detail. She has identified nine synergistic energy systems that are essential for optimal health and well-being. Donna and David have devoted their lives to teaching energy medicine around the world. Through their website, www.innersource.net, they have promoted energy medicine and training for energy medicine practitioners. Energy medicine practitioners work with individuals to correct, balance, and maintain energetic harmony within the body to enable the body to function at an optimal level where disease and dysfunction are rare.


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Energy Medicine