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Geoffrey White


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Geoffrey White, EEM-AP, found his way to becoming a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner through working with a gifted local energy healer, Jozef Pinter, in 2004. He read Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine and joined the first official Certification Class in 2006. Donna Eden’s training far surpassed Geoff’s experience with Reiki (Level I & II) and Pranic Healing basic training and gave him the professional skills and protocols he needed to become an effective energy medicine healer.

Geoff has completed four years of Eden Energy Medicine training–the Certification Program (Years 1 & 2), the Clinical Practicuum (Year 3), and Grid and Regression (Year 4)–which has significantly deepened his energy work. He finds it challenging and meaningful to work with clients with significant problems and to access the deeper levels of energy work that lead to more lasting change.

Geoff brings to his practice an energetic life full of experiences in healing through food and nutrition, physical exercise, fasting, psychotherapy, and spirituality. Geoff has had a rich life with many experiences–both personal and professional–that he draws on in his work.

Geoff completed Teacher Training (TEEM 101/102) and Advanced Teacher Training (Teaching Foundations) in 2013. He will be teaching the Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program class in 2016 in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

His energy medicine practice has become the primary focus of his professional work. He continues to search to find new ways to enhance the healing process and he continues to take additional training to expand and develop his skills as a professional energy medicine practitioner.

He is working as an Eden Energy Medicine–Advanced Practitioner at East Meets West Acupuncture and Energy Healing Center at Twin Ponds, 1002 Birchfield Drive, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. www.eastmeetswestclinic.com

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