Insurance and You


Most Blue Cross plans are accepted at East Meets West Acupuncture and, once your acupuncture therapy is approved we will submit claims for your visits. There are definitely limitations for this type of alternative medicine so it is best to mention upfront which of the many Blue Cross Plans you are contracted with. Several Examples are;

  • Horizon Blue Cross NJ Direct (policy # begins with NJX); most visits are covered with $0 deductible and a small office Co-payment. The number of visits can vary so please call our office and let us do the verification for you.
  • Federal Blue Card Insurance; (policy # begins with the letter “R”) this type of policy generally covers your acupuncture but, there are two distinct levels of coverage. The first, “Basic Option” will have 0$ deductible, $25-$30 copayment and a limit of 10 visits annually. The second is the “Enhanced Policy” This one has an annual in network deductible of $350 to $500 and requires $0 to $25 copayment per visit. There is usually a 24 calendar year limit on the number of visits, so again please call with your policy information and we will give you the definitive benefits breakdown.
  • There are literally dozens of “Out of State” policies that also have coverage for our services and again, if you are covered we handle all required submissions for you. Some other examples are Blue Card of California, Empire Blue Cross, Blue Card of Delaware and many others! Below are just a few additional plans we have worked with!

united healthcare


This just in!!!  Effective immediately East Meets West Acupuncture has joined United healthcare as an approved in network provider! We will be happy to check your level of benefits to see if Acupuncture services are covered! As above there might be a copayment required or limit on the number of visits allowed so please contact our office at 856-222-4600 and allow our office manager, John,  to verify your coverage!

Current In Network Insurance Companies