Correcting Polarity

When your body has lost polarity it means there is no north-south tension between those opposite poles. It means energy is stuck. It means there is no flow of energy as energy usually flows between the north and south poles—just like in a battery where there is a + pole and a pole. When walking on the earth our heads are magnetically north and our feet on the earth are magnetically south. The crust of the earth is magnetically north. So our magnetically south feet connect to the magnetically north earth. In energy medicine, we can lose polarity in our field, our meridians, our chakras, or really any energy system. Polarity can be frozen or reversed. We can also lose energy in specific organs or muscles. There are various common threats to our body’s natural polarity: cell phones, microwaves, computers, laptops, I-pads, TV, high-tension wires, magnets, motors, exercise bikes, cars, etc. There are many sources of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies), electrosmog, and electromagnetic radiation. And there are highly charged plasma particles occasionally ejected from the sun in what is known as CME’s or Coronal Mass Ejections. You can find about this on the internet. It is a serious threat to our health and well-being. Our houses have electric wiring that generates electrical fields that can disturb our polarity. There are devices that can absorb the “dirty” part of normal household electricity. Often wireless service in a house produces EMF’s that are disruptive to the body’s polarity and energy systems. There is increasing research pointing to serious pathologies arising as the result of EMF exposure, especially in young children. The good news is that there are things we can do to preserve, correct, or restore our polarity.  To test for polarity I recommend you consult with an energy medicine professional who can test you for correct polarity.

To correct lost polarity there are several things one can do:

One: Donna Eden’s preferred method is to use a stainless steel spoon (one that has enough iron in the steel to attract a magnet) and rub it over the bottoms of the feet. This can correct polarity in the entire system. You might also rub the spoon over the body and in the field around the body.

Two: You can use the mineral selenite. It is best to use a 6” wand, 1” in diameter. Rub it over the body or in the field as in the spooning above. Selenite corrects polarity. It is very useful when you have pain in a specific part of your body. Put the selenite there and it will often correct the polarity so energy starts moving and the pain will likely subside. No need to clean the selenite. It maintains its ability to correct polarity without having to clear it in salt water as with other crystals.                                                                                                      


Three: You can use a magnet (or a crystal) but first please read cautions below. There is a north and south side of every magnet. You can spin a donut-shaped magnet in the field around the body, over a muscle or organ (and especially over an area where there is pain), or over the chakras, or over alarm points, or over acupuncture points. The spinning magnet will often restore the polarity in that area, the meridian, or in the field by switching electrical fields—north, south, north, etc. A crystal is a multifaceted sphere (usually made of glass) that reflects light somewhat like a stroboscope on a dance floor. The crystal works by reflecting light—on, off, on, etc. much like a magnet but is often more easily tolerated. Crystals are a more gentle way to correct polarity but equally effective.

Four: You can use your hands. The palm side of your hand is the south side (magnetically) and the back of your hand is the north side (magnetically). Same with the fingers. The pads of the fingertips are south and the nail side north. So, you can flip your hands (palm side, back side, palm side, back side) on an organ or painful place on your body to correct the lost polarity in that area. Often when people are not well-grounded their quadriceps muscles lose their polarity so flipping the hands on the quadriceps (thigh muscles) is a good way to get the energy flowing again. Another application of flipping hands is to flip your hands on the kidneys just below your rib cage in your lower back. Restoring the polarity of the kidneys often helps restore the polarity in the entire body, organs, chakras, and field.

Five: You can correct the polarity in the field by placing your hands, palm side down (south), on your quadriceps. Then, bending your arms at the elbows, bring the back of your hands (north) up to your collarbones. Then bring your palms down to your quadriceps then to the back side of your hands up to your collar bones again. Repeat five more times. Then, with your hands at your collarbones, turn your hands so the palm side of your hands is at your collarbones. Bring your hands down to your quadriceps and touch the quadriceps with the back of your hands. Then bring the palm side of your hands up to your collarbones and then the back sides of your hands down to the quadriceps. Repeat five more times.

Six: I have experienced sometimes when I have tried everything above and NOTHING works to correct their polarity. When this happens, like a good energy medicine practitioner, I go to Kidney. Kidney is in the water element and everything begins in water. Water is the first element and Kidney energy can be likened to the life force. So, when none of the above work, with my client lying face-up on the table, I will reach around under their body and flip my hands on their kidneys. I will usually say to them,


“I am correcting the polarity on your kidneys” as I flip my hands from the palm side (towards the kidneys) to the back of my hand over and over maybe six or seven times. I have found that this not only corrects the polarity in the energy body and the field but also in all of the organs. And the best part is that I can teach my clients (homework) to do the same—usually when they are standing up—“Just reach around your lower back and flip your hands—south side, north side, south side, etc. on your kidneys”. This is so helpful especially in these times of solar storms and other polarity threatening events and things….


When your polarity is correct, energy moves normally. When you have a painful condition or an organ that is distressed try correcting the polarity on that organ to see if it improves the functioning of that organ. Restoring lost polarity is a simple exercise and often noticeably reduces pain and restores the function of an energy system or organ.  I believe it is beneficial to correct polarity before going to sleep at night. Also, it is beneficial to restore polarity after exercise as sometimes our bodies lose polarity as a defense against stress. Experiment on yourself and see how you feel. It is possible that our bodies can lose (or freeze) polarity as a defense against pain, stress, or to slow down healing. If you are taking medications it might be wise to regularly check and correct the polarity in your liver so your liver can function optimally. If you have allergies try the same on your spleen (organ). And, of course, make sure Triple Warmer is balanced so it can accept the changes you are making.


Cautions when using magnets:

First of all, you can probably figure that about 10% of people are “magnet sensitive” meaning they lose energy when they are around magnets. This could mean they can’t be in the same room as a magnet (even a small 1 1/4 inch donut-shaped magnet) without feeling ill, nauseous, dizzy, spacey, or starting a headache or migraine. Or it could be more subtle—like they just can’t spend more than a half-hour near their computer or can’t be in the same room as a microwave when it is on. Or they couldn’t be near a cell phone tower or high-tension power lines without feeling very ill. Anyway, if you are magnet sensitive then you shouldn’t be around magnets at all until you see an energy medicine professional who can teach you the simple excercises that will keep your energies balanced and your auric field strong. Then, when your energies are balanced and strong, you will be able to handle magnets without an abreaction. In the


meanwhile, if you are magnet-sensitive, you might be able to use a crystal. There are cut glass crystal pendants available that are about an inch or more in diameter that have many facets. Those facets reflect light and can often replace magnets functionally. You may also use your hand as a magnet—palm side is south and the back of your hand is north. I should add that some people are very, very sensitive—so much so that they cannot tolerate anyone touching them (after all, our hands are full of energy). Highly sensitive people like that could benefit from working with an energy medicine professional who would have to work in the field around their body until their field was strong enough for them to tolerate touch.

Secondly, keep magnets away from your cell phone and your credit cards and digital watches. Magnets can wipe out electronic information. And in general, don’t sleep in the same room as your cell phone. Cell phones are constantly sending and receiving information. Don’t have magnets in your bedroom either.

Another thing to consider is that sensitivity to magnets or EMF’s might also be related to having heavy metals in the body. If you have a mouth full of mercury amalgam fillings you might find you are especially sensitive to magnets, EMF’s, microwaves, etc.

There is lots of information on the internet about how our planet is changing. Already the north pole has shifted some degrees from where it used to be and that has affected the magnetic lines around the earth sometimes dramatically affecting migration patterns. So polarity can be affected when our planet is unstable or going through changes. That is what is happening to our planet now—it is going through profound changes.




If you are interested in other ways to protect yourself from EMF’s please contact Geoff or April at East Meets West Acupuncture and Energy Healing Center, 856.222.4400.

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